Pooka's Pageant 2017

This Saturday, 18th November, will be the annual celebration of mythology through storytelling, song, and poetry. Doors at Oddfellows Hall open at 10am (close at 4pm), and tickets are £4 with any profits going to animal charities.

A link to the programme can be found here with performances from Fiona Dowson, Shaun Ibbs, and Robert Lummis, plus music from Carys and two story sessions with me (one about underwater deities and the other about the spectral doings of dark and deadly entities).

Hope to see plenty of people there.

The Devil's Bridge

A short and mildly spectral tale for the Halloween season. There are several variations of this story from around the world, accounting for unusual stone landscape features. This version is from Ceredigion in Wales and explains how the original bridge across the Mynarch was made (not the modern bridge, whose origins are rather more prosaic).

The Dybbuk

With Halloween just around the corner I am going to record one or two gruesome stories. A friend, Nick, suggested something about a dybbuk - the dibbukim are ghostly entities that possess living flesh, often because they have some task left incomplete in this world that must be done (frequently connected to the idea of teshuva, repenting for wickedness as the dybbuk are decidedly unhappy, often unpleasant ghosts). This tale is a combination of several short anecdotal accounts - too brief to make stories in their own right - overlaid with a brief and ugly snippet of recent history. If you want to understand what a greifer is, have a look here.
I hope mashing up stories does not offend any Jewish people who might listen to it (let me know if there's a better version of a dybbuk story that I could record if this one does give offence). I thought about making this tale more graphic, but decided better of it.

Mithering on

The eighth part of the prattle about basic paganism reflects some thoughts and notions around festivals and rituals - why we celebrate, what we celebrate, and how we celebrate. Cake is the answer to most of it.

And another thing!

Seventh part (I know I keep saying each will be the last one, but keeping keep asking questions). Picking on further on paganism and healing, this time looking at animistic concepts within healing and also touching on Ancient Greek ideas around mental illness (it gets weird).

Health and Fitness

The sixth, and one sincerely hopes final, installment of pagan waffle in response to a query from my acquired nephew Tom (who is studying medicine) who wanted to know about pagan views on healing. I was going to record a story about an octopus, but that seems to have gone astray somewhere. I'll try again tomorrow night. It's been a long week (hence the incoherence).

Blah, blah, blah

The trouble is, once I start waffling it's very difficult to shut me up. This fifth part of the Introduction to Paganism series looks at ideas around magic (at an abstract level - it's not some kind of teen Wiccan's guide on how to cast spells!) and also touching a tiny bit on pagan metaphysics.

I don't know whether to go into a bit more detail on the different types of paganism - I think it would be better to see Heathens, Wiccans, Kemetics etc. making their own recordings about what they do/believe rather than me recording something. Room for a collaborative effort, maybe?